Magic of logical thinking can help you learn the piece easier and faster

Instead of reading the each notes one by one, you will be able to read the whole music gvisuallyh by using Intervallic Reading (reading the interval of the notes), and obtaining ability to recognize chords, patterns, and sequences. Using gMulti Key Approachh method from the early age will result in being able to play music with many sharps and flats without any hesitation.

Is it possible to improve my technique with little practice time?

People have various interests, thus not everyone can use all their time on practicing the piano. So how do you make plans for the practices? Instead of just gtelling them to practiceh and leaving all the work to them, we nourish skills required in practicing on their own. Instead of just playing the piece over and over again, they will learn to make short and long-term plans by making out gwhereh and ghowh to practice in a limited amount of time. This gpreparation skillh can be applied to other subjects as well, not just music.

The needs for Information Technology (IT) in the world of music

There are many music education software being developed in the U.S.. Advanced technology is very effective in order for children to learn music theory and history and have fun at the same time. Things that are common in the lessons overseas, such as recording their own performance on MP3 recorders to listen back, making CDfs from their own recordings, writing own music using computer software, are also included in our lesson. We also provide online lessons using Skype. Learning to use computers and applying them to music education - these are the kinds techniques that will be required in the coming years, and you will find them all here at Hagiwara International Piano School.

Keyboard Pedagogy : Education specializing in teaching piano and other keyboard instruments. Academic meetings regarding Keyboard Pedagogy are hosted as well.