Learning musical terms in English just like the overseas

How do you say gshibuon-pu (quarter note)h in English? It seems very easy but these things will not be taught at ordinary schools or English conversation schools. By using non-translated American textbooks, children will be able to learn music bilingually in English and Japanese from basic terms to words concerning musical expressions (The translated text will be attached on the homework sheet so you will not have to worry about getting confused at home). You will be able to easily understand the lessons even if you have to take lessons abroad in the future. Also, the textbook contains many English songs, so children will naturally learn English that children in English-speaking countries speak in their daily life.

gTrinity Grade Examinationh, the international qualification for music offered at International Schools

Trinity Guildhall grade examination is a grade examination that is accepted not only in England, but many other countries including countries in Europe and Asia. The examiner is dispatched from Trinity College London. In Japan, this examination can only be taken at limited places such as Saint Maur International School in Yokohama. Our piano school has been granted a special permission from the Saint Maur International School so that the students in our piano school will also have the chance take the examination. This examination includes an aural exam in interview style, so the support for English listening skill will also be provided.

Communicate with the world through music

Despite the fact that we are here in Japan, our wish is to have the students know and experience more about the overseas through music. We provide activities in international color, including inviting people from different countries as a guest at our recitals, introducing events at International Schools, and hosting workshops for teachers outside of Japan. In addition, we aim to provide superior musical experiences by offering things such as information on various concerts and doing an ensemble with many different kinds of instruments at our recital. The lecturer at our school holds great aspiration for better education, and we try hard to obtain international point of view regarding music education by attending academic conferences abroad.