Master English While Studying Music

Here at Hagiwara International Piano School, we pursue and practice the relationship between English and Musical rhythms.

The lessons are in English…but there is nothing to worry about. We make adjustments depending on the students’ levels to make sure they stay "motivated" and are "having fun".

Our goal is to have each and every student be able to naturally face English and Music using their five senses such as "seeing", "listening" and "singing (in English)".

To be more specific, the text we use contains lyrics consisting of practical and familiar English phrases. The melody and the rhythms are also thought out carefully to fit the lyrics, thus making it easier to memorize.

And most of all, things you remember through songs remain fresh in your memory for many years.


Exciting Recitals

Ordinary piano recitals can be very formal, but not ours. It is more like a live or a concert.

In addition to solo and ensemble performances, we offer jazz sessions with drums and bass.
You will see that every student enjoys playing, which is certain to draw you into his or her music just as the audiences around you.